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Information Summary 3

Dearest Sisters,

We conclude the Interchapter with a profound feeling of gratitude to the Lord who guided us. We also want to thank all of you for affectionately accompanying us with your prayers.

During the last 4 days of our meeting, we focused on determining our priority and some concrete ways to continue our journey toward the 11th General Chapter, seeking to adapt our rhythm of life to the needs of our communities. Continue reading »

News Flash 18 September

In these last days of our work, we are experiencing the truth of the Latin dictum Motus in fine velocior (The journey gets faster toward the end). In fact, things are moving ahead rapidly because we don’t want to find ourselves without enough time to deal with the important matters needed to conclude this Meeting well. Continue reading »

News Flash 17 September

The Word, which the Liturgy offers us every day, continues to accompany us in a very effective and surprising way, recalling us to the foundations our apostolic vocation, as Fr.Valdir Castro, Superior General of the SSP, reminded us in his sermon this morning. To our great surprise, he came to the house this morning to concelebrate the Liturgy with the Pauline priest who is providing this service for us. In his homily, Fr. Valdir focused on the theme of our Interchapter Meeting, Continue reading »

News Flash 16 September

Collaboration on the continental level: is it just a dream? Or is it a value that offers us the chance to grow? These are the two questions we focused on today in our group work as we evaluated our efforts in this area. In the last few years, our circumscriptions have made some progress in collaboration in the spheres of the apostolate and formation, and have experienced how beneficial it is to be open to the sisters of the same continent and get to know them better. Continue reading »

News Flash 14 September

It is with joy that we have been sharing with you what we have been doing during this Interchapter Meeting. Our thoughts, reflections, abundant prayers, dialogues and comparison of ideas…all are aimed at helping us penetrate the charism more profoundly so as to ensure that it is a living and dynamic reality today. We are letting ourselves be guided by the directives of the 10th General Chapter and the proposals of the Seminar on Apostolic Mysticism, which are enriching our orientations. Continue reading »

Information Summary 2

Dearest Sisters,

We are writing to you with much affection from Rome, grateful for your closeness to us and for your prayerful accompaniment of our work.

Here is a little more news about what happened during the Enligtenment Stage (10-13 September) of our encounter, which was dedicated to reflection and sharing on a number of key themes in our Pauline life. Continue reading »

News Flash 12 September

It was with deep emotion that, at the conclusion of the Interchapter’s “Enlightenment Stage,” we listened to the talk of Fr. Agatino Gugliara, ssp, who spoke about the “four wheels” of the Pauline cart–an image used by Fr. Alberione to describe our style of life, which precedes and goes beyond our apostolic activities. Continue reading »

News Flash 11 September

In line with our itinerary, today we considered The Sources of Inspiration for Alberione’s Concept of Integrality as presented to us by Fr. Giuseppe Forlai, who described the three models of the priesthood from which Fr. Alberione drew inspiration in making his foundations: the missionary-prophetic model, the pastoral model and the sacramental model. Continue reading »