Marko Ivan Rupnik

Marko Ivan Rupnik

6 september
• La lezione della storia

An artist and theologian of Slovenian origins, Fr. Rupnik is a member of the Company of Jesus (Jesuits). He is the Director of the Aletti Center, which is part of the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome, where he lives and works. He teaches at the Pontifical Gregorian University and the Pontifical Liturgical Institute and has been the director of the Spiritual Art Workshop of the Aletti Center since 1995. Alongside his activities as an artist and theologian, Fr. Rupnik carries out more specifically pastoral services such as guiding conferences and numerous courses of spiritual exercises.

sr Elena Bosetti

Elena Bosetti

10 september
• Ritiro spirituale: La Parola, luogo dell’unità: Marta e Maria (Lc 10,38-42)

Sr. Elena, who holds a Doctorate in Biblical Theology, is the author of numerous books. A member of the Jesus the Good Shepherd Institute (Pastorelle Sisters), she teaches at the Theological Institute for the Consecrated Life (Claretianum), Rome, and at the University for Religious Sciences in Modena. She contributes articles to a wide range of theological and pastoral periodicals and also dedicates herself to ministry of the Word and biblical formation both in Italy and abroad.

don Giuseppe Forlai

Giuseppe Forlai

11 september
• Le fonti ispiratrici dell’integralità alberioniana
• Maria: l’icona della integralità

A priest of the diocese of Rome, Fr. Forlai is a member of the Jesus the Priest Institute. He obtained a Doctorate in Theology with a specialization in Mariology from the Pontifical Marianum Theological Faculty and also studied political philosophy and ethics at Tor Vergata University, Rome. He is currently the spiritual director of Rome’s Pontifical Major Seminary and provides guidance and spiritual accompaniment to many different institutes and organisms of the consecrated life. A prolific author, two of his books have been published by the Daughters of St. Paul: Cristo vive in me. La proposta spirituale di don Alberione (2013), and Io sono “Vangelo.” Decidersi per Cristo alla scuola di Paolo (2015).

mons. Antonio Pitta

Antonio Pitta

11 september
• Paolo mistico apostolo. La liturgia della vita

A priest of the Lucera-Troia diocese and a New Testament professor at the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, Fr. Pitta is a renowned scholar on St. Paul both in Italy and abroad and has written many important books, in particular commentaries on the Pauline Letters. The Daughters of St. Paul have published several of his texts: Lettera ai Romani. Nuova versione, introduzione e commento (Milan 2001, 2009), Trasformati dallo Spirito. Lectio divina sulle lettere di Paolo (Milan 2005, 2009), and Lettera ai Filippesi. Nuova versione, introduzione e commento (Milan 2010).

don Agatino Gugliara

Agatino Gugliara

12 september
• La pedagogia dell’integralità di Alberione: le quattro ruote

A member of the Society of St. Paul, Fr. Gugliara centered his studies on the Fathers of the Church. He is currently the superior of the SSP community in Catania, Italy. He also carries out animations for the Pauline Family and guides courses of spiritual exercises.