News Flash 16 September

Collaboration on the continental level: is it just a dream? Or is it a value that offers us the chance to grow? These are the two questions we focused on today in our group work as we evaluated our efforts in this area. In the last few years, our circumscriptions have made some progress in collaboration in the spheres of the apostolate and formation, and have experienced how beneficial it is to be open to the sisters of the same continent and get to know them better.

Their collaboration initiatives were diverse and interesting, notwithstanding the problems involved, above all due to geographical distances and different languages and mentalities. But in spite of times of discouragement, our circumscriptions had the good will to resume their journey to make collaboration on the continental level a reality.

Our evaluation this area revealed its weak points and obstacles. We dialogued together about the teamwork needed to improve our journey, which touches aspects such as organization, the clarification of responsibilities, the criteria of action to be followed, and other concrete issues. One thing is sure: we cannot turn our backs on intelligent forms of collaboration, which give us the chance to learn from one another and to share our experiences, ideas and apostolic resources.

Foto 16 settembre