News Flash 9 September

With gratitude and affection for your prayers and solidarity with us through your many messages, we send you these few lines to let you know what our Assembly did today.

After listening for the past few days to talks that gave us a broader vision of current events and the situation of our Congregation, we spent today working in small groups, sharing and comparing ideas about the input we received and then highlighting the priorities that emerged with an eye to resuming our journey for the 2016-2019 triennium.

Afterward, our four work groups presented the Assembly with several opportune suggestions, which, when united to the ones that will emerge in the coming days, can help us better define our priorities in relaunching our programming.

Unfortunately, the flu has been circulating among us, forcing a number of sisters to take some necessary “time out” from our activities. We are fighting the germs as best we can by means of appropriate remedies, and we hope to conquer them soon….

Foto 9 settembre