News Flash 14 September

It is with joy that we have been sharing with you what we have been doing during this Interchapter Meeting. Our thoughts, reflections, abundant prayers, dialogues and comparison of ideas…all are aimed at helping us penetrate the charism more profoundly so as to ensure that it is a living and dynamic reality today. We are letting ourselves be guided by the directives of the 10th General Chapter and the proposals of the Seminar on Apostolic Mysticism, which are enriching our orientations.

Today we worked hard to pinpoint a single priority that will allow us to relaunch our programming and take us up to the next General Chapter. Tomorrow, we will search together for ways to concretize that priority in our life and mission.

We are surrounded by a serene atmosphere and our work days, although intensive, also provide times for relaxation and communication. Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan and the sisters of the General Council are a beautiful and sisterly presence among us, not only due to their competent guidance of our work but also because they are prompt to respond to the many unforeseen needs of the group.

We want to thank in a special way all the sisters who are “taking care” of us: from Sr. Lucia Simula and the staff of the St. Paul House, who surround us with every care and attention, to the sisters who are generously providing various technical services and keeping our web site updated, to the Pauline priests who celebrate the Eucharist for us every day….

Please continue to pray for us and to follow our activities via

We’ll be in touch again tomorrow!

Foto 14 settembre