News Flash 18 September

In these last days of our work, we are experiencing the truth of the Latin dictum Motus in fine velocior (The journey gets faster toward the end). In fact, things are moving ahead rapidly because we don’t want to find ourselves without enough time to deal with the important matters needed to conclude this Meeting well.

During our Eucharistic Celebration this morning, Fr. José Antonio Perez, ssp, commented on the parable of the unfaithful steward who acted very cleverly and underscored the need to be similarly astute in “offering the charity of the truth.” He also said that, as good “stewards” of the abundant wealth we have received, we must passionately dedicate ourselves to sharing it among ourselves and then offer it freely to everyone else.

Our work sessions today focused on an interesting series of subjects pertinent to the Congregation: the situation of Albano Hospital, the initiatives being programmed to celebrate the Centenary of our Pauline Cooperators (1917-2017), a presentation of the preliminary draft of our Directory on Communications, the new elements in this year’s Charism Course, the General Government’s programming for the new triennium (Fraternal Visits, appointment of circumscription governments, etc.), and the international meetings for formation and the apostolate-economy.

The day ended on a festive note: supper together with the sisters of the Generalate community, followed by a very enjoyable communal recreation, complete with songs, dances, skits, etc., with everyone dressed in colorful costumes, rejoicing at the chance to spend some time together!

Foto 18 settembre