News Flash 12 September

It was with deep emotion that, at the conclusion of the Interchapter’s “Enlightenment Stage,” we listened to the talk of Fr. Agatino Gugliara, ssp, who spoke about the “four wheels” of the Pauline cart–an image used by Fr. Alberione to describe our style of life, which precedes and goes beyond our apostolic activities.

As individuals, as a Congregation and as the Pauline Family, we are a “cart” that rests on four wheels. This cart is not static but dynamic, enabling us to move forward in a harmonious and well-balanced way in our efforts to take the Gospel to everyone. It is God who set the cart in motion, but it moves ahead with our help because he made us a part of this mission. Thus the “Pauline cart” is an integral element of the charism–of our way of living and evangelizing.

Tomorrow we will celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy by means of a pilgrimage to the places in Rome associated with St. Paul. We will ask Paul to obtain for us and for every FSP the grace to burn with his very same passion for Christ and for the Gospel.

Tomorrow evening we will have the pleasure of “sampling” a recent production of our FSP Audiovisual Sector, Italy: the musical, Il viaggio del Piccolo Principe (The Trip of the Little Prince), as interpreted by Daniela Cologgi, the play’s author.

Foto 12 settembre