Joeyanna Dsouza


Even though its been a few months since the Inter chapter is over in Rome, I was inspired by the animation programme organized by Sr Clare Ukken our provincial when she visited our community in Delhi (March 24 -28, 2017). The inter-chapter has truly been a bend in the journey of the Daughters of St Paul. Sr Anna Maria ‘s speeches have been thoroughly inspiring and also those by the other resournce persons. What affected me a lot was the present situation of our congregation, the lack of vocations, the decreasing numbers , the increasing median age. But what also gave me a glimpse into the greatness of God, was the marvels and innovative works God has been carrying out in the various circumscriptions and delegations. Fr Alberione is truly walking with us, as also is Sr Tecla Merlo. They have not left us behind.
To think that more than 1000 sisters are in heaven already is indeed overwhelming, knowing that they are interceding for us day and night and praying for the progress of our apostolate and mission here on earth.

Praised Be Jesus.
Sia Laudato Gesu Christo per sempre.