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News Flash 6 September

Today we began the stage of our meeting dedicated to getting to know our situation. Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik, sj, opened the day with a sapiential examination of the historico-ecclesial context in which we live. This context, he said, urges religious to courageously adopt a contemplative mentality, that is, a more authentically Christian, Eucharistic, communional and symbolic way of thinking. Continue reading »

News Flash 5 September

Our Interchapter Meeting opened this morning with a Eucharistic Celebration in the subcrypt of the Queen of Apostles Basilica, Rome. The FSP General Government, provincial and delegation superiors, and animators of the communities dependent on the General Government are all participating in this major event. The presence of brothers and sisters of the Pauline Family at the Eucharist was deeply appreciated. Continue reading »