Information Summary 3

Dearest Sisters,

We conclude the Interchapter with a profound feeling of gratitude to the Lord who guided us. We also want to thank all of you for affectionately accompanying us with your prayers.

During the last 4 days of our meeting, we focused on determining our priority and some concrete ways to continue our journey toward the 11th General Chapter, seeking to adapt our rhythm of life to the needs of our communities.

In the light of this, we discussed and evaluated our collaboration on the continental level, above all with regard to the apostolate and formation. We also made the effort to come to a clearer grasp of our weak points so as to overcome problems and foster the growth of communion and solidarity.

And finally, we listened to some “family information” concerning the situation of Albano Hospital, the initiatives being programmed to celebrate the Centenary of our Pauline Cooperators (1917-2017), a presentation of the preliminary draft of our Directory on Communications, the new elements in this year’s Charism Course, the General Government’s programming for the new triennium (Fraternal Visits, appointment of circumscription governments, etc.), and the international meetings for formation and the apostolate-economy.

After two weeks dedicated to listening attentively to very enlightening talks, followed by prayer, study and dialogue among ourselves, we made the communal decision to relaunch our journey in the light of the following priority:


using these three practical strategies to achieve our goal:

  1. to come to a more profound knowledge of Paul, our model of apostolic mysticism, in his experience of conformity to Christ and proclamation of the Gospel;
  2. to root ourselves in the Word, the “place” where we attain unity of life;
  3. to strive to grasp more deeply the pedagogy of the “Pauline cart,” so as to grow in integrality.

Superior General Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan entrusted to Maestra Thecla “the light we received and the journey of search and discernment that the Spirit requests of us at each stage of our history.” In our concluding Hour of Adoration, we once again welcomed the mandate to communicate the joy of the Gospel and the beauty of a vocation that calls us to be “all to all” in order that the world might believe.

Our warmest best wishes to all of you! With great affection and gratitude,

Sr. M. Letizia Panzetti and Sr. Zoila Guzman

St. Paul House, Rome, 19 September 2016

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