Information Summary 2

Dearest Sisters,

We are writing to you with much affection from Rome, grateful for your closeness to us and for your prayerful accompaniment of our work.

Here is a little more news about what happened during the Enligtenment Stage (10-13 September) of our encounter, which was dedicated to reflection and sharing on a number of key themes in our Pauline life.

First of all, the theme of the Word. Under the guidance of Sr. Elena Bosetti, sjbp, in a climate of silence and prayer we meditated on The Word, Place of Unity, as exemplified by Martha and Mary, and in the light of Mary of Nazareth. It was important for us to once again be reminded that we must allow ourselves to be inhabited by the Word, which nourishes our life and missionary proclamation.

Following this, we listened to input concerning The Sources of Inspiration for Alberione’s Concept of Integrality. Fr. Giuseppe Forlai, igs, presented the three theological models of the priesthood from which Fr. Alberione drew inspiration in making his foundations: the missionary-prophetic model, the pastoral model and the sacramental model. Each of the Congregations of the Pauline Family prioritizes one of these models, which complement one another and all together constitute the wealth and beauty of the Pauline Family.

Fr. Antonio Pitta, a biblical scholar and expert on St. Paul, spoke about Paul, The Mystical Apostle, underscoring that for Paul mysticism is life in the Spirit, a profound interior experience, an ongoing and progressive relationship with Christ that is not characterized by the exceptional but that is lived in the circumstances of daily life. According to Paul, mysticism is the transformation of one’s life in Christ–conformity to him–and is therefore a process of Christification.

To conclude the Enlightenment Stage, Fr. Agatino Gugliara, ssp, discussed the “Pauline cart”–an image used by Fr. Alberione to describe our style of life and evangelization. As a Congregation and as the Pauline Family, we are a “cart” that rests firmly on four wheels, enabling us to “race ahead” in a harmonious and well-balanced way in our efforts to take the Gospel to everyone. Everything is guided by God but he does this with our collaboration, which is to say that the Pauline “cart” requires the impetus of our spiritual and apostolic life to move ahead.

 We then reflected and shared ideas on all these themes in small group sessions, seeking to identify the elements essential to our journey.

Today we celebrated the Jubilee of Mercy with a pilgrimage to the places in Rome associated with St. Paul, and we felt you close to us. We presented the Apostle with your intentions and asked him to help us all walk in his footsteps, living his very same passion for Jesus and for the Gospel in our own era, which has just as many problems as the one in which he lived.

And finally, this evening, we got together with the members of our communities dependent on the General Government here in Rome and also several Pastorelle Sisters, to enjoy a “sampling” of a recent production of our Italian Province’s Audiovisual Sector: the beautiful musical, Il viaggio del Piccolo Principe (The Trip of the Little Prince), as interpreted by Daniela Cologgi, the play’s author.

Warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you!


Sr. M. Letizia Panzetti and Sr. Zoila Guzman

St. Paul House, Rome, 10 September 2016

Foto 13 settembre